Woven Wood

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Woven Wood

Woven Wood | Custom Blinds of Charlotte, Inc. : NC, Charlotte

Soft and relaxing, flexible wood window coverings like bamboo and reeds allow the sun to filter into the home while still providing you with the privacy you need. The ideal choice in any window where you want an exact fit to cover just the glass, wood and Roman shades and luxurious and sophisticated while also being just a little different and unique.

The natural materials look fantastic with any décor, and you can choose from an incredible array of patterns if you choose Roman shades. One of the great benefits of wood coverings is that they are versatile and can be customized to fit any opening. Cover patio doors with these rolling shades to maintain your privacy, create a clean appearance and still have easy access to the doors. Use them inside bay and bow windows where you want the covering to fit snugly inside the frame. They are also a great choice for corner windows where bulky shades might feel appear crowded and block the window.

If you love the soft look of fabric but want the versatility of fitted shades, then consider the Roman option. Designed to fit neatly inside the frame or to perfectly cover the outside perimeter, Roman shades are a great choice anytime you want a more relaxed look or want to only cover the window. Pleating into soft folds as you raise them, these shades are an excellent choice for any romantic setting, modern décor or to create a layered look inside bay and bow windows. If you are looking for new window coverings and dreaming of something beautiful and unique, call us at (704) 377-6800 to see how our wood and Roman shades can be the right choice for you.